Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam has a thriving youth department. The young stars train on Wednesday and play on Saturday and Sunday. All youth members, both boys, and girls are intensively supervised and trained by qualified coaches.

Youth cricket at Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam means a lot of learning, a lot of playing, and above all a lot of fun. In the supervision of the teams on match days, players from the higher teams are called in, but as with any sport, support for transport, scoring, and umpiring is also called on the parents.

One of the parents acts as a team manager so that everything runs smoothly and the coach can focus purely on cricket. Our coaches can be called upon for individual additional training. Some will do scoring on their phone or iPad.

Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam has a consistent youth policy that aims to help develop the talents of youth players to their optimal level. In 2017, after a long time, a new youth department started with many enthusiastic new youth members. In 2021 we had almost 60 youth members.

Register your son or daughter. Youth has the future, especially at Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam!

Youth Fund Sports & Culture

All children can participate in Rotterdam! Children will learn an awful lot by playing together or by doing sports together. But paying for a club naturally isn’t easy for everyone. For example, would your child like to join a football club? Or perhaps have a go at gymnastics, scouting, ballet, or music lessons? Then the Rotterdam Sports & Culture Youth Fund can help. This fund will pay the sports or culture club fees for children aged 0 to 18.

The Youth Fund Sports & Culture provides sports opportunities to children and young people from families where there is not enough money to become a member of a sports association. For those children, Youth Fund Sports & Culture pays the contribution up to a maximum of € 280 per child.

Are there several children in the family who want to do sports? That is allowed! There is also the Youth Culture Fund for those children! For more information or details please go to the following website;