Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam

PCCR is a household name in Dutch cricket, in Rotterdam, and the surrounding area. The association, founded in 1991, invests heavily in its [youth] players and expects to reap the benefits in the coming seasons. But PCCR is much more than that…

After the club went through a difficult period in the early nineties, PCCR has been on the rise for several years now. The club is constantly improving the preconditions for good cricket performance, but also wants to be an attractive club for the recreational player.

The club wants to give its members as much fun as possible by offering many and fun cricket activities. In addition to the national competitions, PCCR therefore also organizes many own tournaments and other cricket-related events.

The club is a mix of different layers of the population and cultures from Rotterdam society. The association is for young and old and relies on the following three pillars: respect, fun, and cohesion.

The first indications that we are on the right track are already there, given the growing number of (youth) members, volunteers, and sponsors.

PCCR is a club to belong to. Are you participating?


  • Founded at the end of 1991
  • Started as a hockey/cricket club
  • From 1991 to 1996 active at VOC
  • Moved to Ommoord Rotterdam in 1996 – First-time own field
  • Forced to move to Alexandrium Rotterdam in 1999
  • From 2001, Rotterdam North was left behind and Hoogvliet was the new destination
  • Active on Rotterdam Slinge (Charlois) since 2006
  • In 2009/2010 merger with Pak Dutch Cricket Club Rotterdam
  • 2010 largest club in the Netherlands (most teams) (7 teams) (12 umpires)
  • 2013 was a low point for PCCR with the end result being relegation from the big league
  • New start in 2014 but sporty disappointment – ​​Missed the First Division Championship in the play-offs final
  • Established a new vision in 2015 with the aim of playing in Topklasse within 3 years
  • 2015 promotion to Hoofdklasse
  • 2016 promotion to Topklasse – Best year in PCCR history including promotion for the 2nd team to First Division and Championship for the 3rd team
  • 2017 maintained in Topklasse and the 2th team promoted to Hoofdklasse
  • 2018 1st team relegated to Hoofdklasse and 2nd team relegated to first class
  • 2019 1st team promotion to Top class, 2nd team maintained in first class
  • 2020 1st team finishes second in Topklasse
  • 2021 1st team become champions of Topklasse

Mission & Vision

  • Mission

We want to create a new Punjab Cricket Club with SENIORS and YOUTH players that are going to compete at the HIGHEST achievable level with lots of FUN and RESPECT for each other.

  • Vision

We want to be a PERFORMANCE ASSOCIATION with a POSITIVE APPEARANCE and IMAGE FORMATION. Players and the staff of Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam are PROUD at the organization and the facilities. They respect each other, officials, and opponents and guard the SPIRIT OF CRICKET both on and off the field. They believe in each other and are AMBASSADORS of the Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam.

  • Standards and values

We deal RESPECTVOL with each other. We are RELIABLE and OPEN. We carry out the vision of the tournament. We LISTEN to each other and are open to criticism from which we LEARN.