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Welcome to the website of Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam (PCCR). We are pleased to give you a brief introduction about our club and furthermore, you will be able to find announcements, fixtures, enrolling procedures, becoming sponsor, contact information and more.

PCCR is a well-respected name in the Dutch cricket scene. The club was founded in 1991 and throughout the years, it changed several locations and finally moved in 2006 to its present location. The club is situated very close to the motorway exit and a 10 minutes’ drive from city centre of Rotterdam.

In recent years, PCCR has invested intensively in their youth department and has currently four teams in different age groups playing in the Dutch cricket league, KNCB. As quoted by Aristotle: “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. Investing in the youth will reap the benefits in the future. The kids actively train on weekdays and play their matches on the weekend and during the winter break, we facilitate them with indoor training.

The year 2021 was beside the 30th anniversary also the year in which PCCR secured the Dutch National Championship of the Topklasse cricket league. The happening was covered by the local media and attracted many visitors, despite the pandemic challenges. It was a long way to reach this milestone!

PCCR has come a long way in their 30 years journey, what started with a single cricket team has transformed into a full-fledge cricket club in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. It has become a club that is known for its friendliness, a multi-cultural club that is able to host both seniors and youth to play the gentlemen’s game. Beyond this, we have become a family club where many parents watch their kids playing while enjoying one of the many appetizers of the famous canteen!

As we say in Punjabi (the language of the province Punjab): Ji aayan nu!

We welcome you!

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The Board Of PCCR Consists Of:

Sulaiman Tariq


Azhar Khawaja


Rizwan Butt


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Why you should join our club?


At PCCR we have a wide range of experienced players that have played the game at a high level, this allows us to establish a great coaching platform where the youth of PCCR are benefiting from. Our youth club has been increasing in number every year as establish a quality youth program at our club as we build towards the future.

Ground availability

PCCR has its own cricket ground that is available all year around and only cricket is played on it, this is different to most other clubs in the Netherlands as grounds are used for multiple other sports throughout the year.

Membership fees

Membership fees are inclusive of lunch, as we take pride in our hospitality of visiting and our home teams at PCCR

Experienced Staff

PCCR is an inclusive and diverse cricket club in the Netherlands, we have many different cultures present at our club which adds to our club dynamic. We embrace this diversity through our openness to new members, facilitating food requirements, and finding a suitable team to a part of our club

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