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  • Make a call: +316 41103923
  • Email Address: info@pccr.nl

House Rules

House Rules


Norms and values

Punjab stands for its values, for propagating its club culture, for preserving and promoting its reputation built up over its 25-year history.

The association also requires continuous, active input from its members and supporters. Their exemplary behavior makes the greatest success of an association: maximum sportsmanship and fun on every occasion.

In addition, Punjab members can turn to the counselor if they feel intimidated in any form. If it is thought that there is any form of intimidation, please report this to the confidential counselor.

Confidential advisor:

Name: Hamza Din
Email: hamza_din@hotmail.com
Tel: 06-244 07 686

Society is constantly changing and agreements and rules need to be updated from time to time. The association uses these basic rules as a starting point for all actions of the members and supporters during their association activities.


  • do not discriminate
  • leave the grounds and buildings neatly behind, out and at home
  • speak Dutch
  • behave sporty and respectful
  • do not cause any inconvenience on site and beyond
  • help each other where necessary
  • play in a correct outfit
  • shower after exercise
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • in PCCR clothing also adhere to rules outside the association
  • address each other for wrong behavior