The board of the association is elected and appointed by the General Meeting of Members. The board consists of a chairman, secretary treasurer and members with a specific task area.

Under the board there are committees with task areas such as: KNCB, municipal discipline, tournament, canteen affairs, accommodation management.

The board is responsible for drawing up and implementing the policy and is accountable for this annually during the general members’ meeting.

The board members are present at the sports complex several times a week, evenings and weekends, and are always approachable for members, parents and other visitors.

If you want to contact the board in another way, it is preferable that you send an email to You will be contacted as soon as possible.

The board of PCCR consists of:

Chairman: Sulaiman Tariq
Secretary:  Azhar Khawaja
Treasurer:  Rizwan Butt
Youth:  Teja Nidamanuru & Rabeel Butt

Competition secretariat:
Name: Azhar Khawaja
Phone: 06 – 40 12 11 36
E-mail address: