PCCR is a household name in Dutch cricket, in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. The association, founded in 1991, invests heavily in its [youth] players and expects to reap the benefits in the coming seasons. But PCCR is much more than that…


After the club went through a difficult period in the early nineties, PCCR has been on the rise for several years now. The club is constantly improving the preconditions for good cricket performance, but also wants to be an attractive club for the recreational player.


The club wants to give its members as much fun as possible by offering many and fun cricket activities. In addition to the national competitions, PCCR therefore also organizes many own tournaments and other cricket-related events.


The club is a mix of different layers of the population and cultures from Rotterdam society. The association is for young and old and relies on the following three pillars: respect, fun and cohesion.

The first indications that we are on the right track are already there, given the growing number of (youth) members, volunteers and sponsors.

PCCR is a club to belong to. Are you participating?